EM Extended Reach MWD

The Extended Reach EM/ Short Hop MWD is a complete, redundant EM System that has the unique capability to use a Wireline/ Short Hop Extender for situations where standard EM Systems do not function due to geological conditions.

With the EM Extended Reach MWD System, we provide you the option to use EM technology to drill in underbalanced applications that where only achievable with steering tool technology. This will dramatically reduce drilling time associated with survey timing.


  • Full EM System with Extended Reach capability.
  • Able to drill with EM technology in any area or geology.


  • Underbalanced Oil Drilling.
  • Drilling in difficult areas previously not available with EM Technology.

With the EM Extended Reach MWD, EM technology can be used in applications where steering tools are the only other option.