Near Bit – INC/AZ-GR

The Near Bit – INC/AZ-GR is designed to be used with Koltek EM MWD System. The Near Bit Sub enables measurement of inclination and gamma count data approximately 1.5 feet behind the bit.


  • Available in 3.5” Regular and 4.5” Regular Connections for use with 4.75” and 6.5” Mud Motor application.
  • Azimuthal Gamma provides clear “up” and “down” readings without stopping the pumps or rotary.
  • Seamless, wireless link to MWD system.
  • Operates exclusively with Koltek EM MWD systems.
  • Provides accurate inclination and rotation speeds at the bit, up to 250 RPM.


  • Geo-steering in narrow formations and long laterals.
  • Collision avoidance situations.

The Near Bit tool increases efficiency in real-time geo-steering applications.