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Koltek Energy Services Geo Steering Technology Maximizes Oilfield Production

Adjust the Wellbore Position Without Stopping to Stay in the Target Zone

Casper, WY

Koltek Energy Services, a nationwide energy services company, successfully implemented its high-resolution gamma ray and geo-steering technology on several customers this summer.  This allows the Koltek directional team to collaborate with their customer’s geology team to maximize the production of their wells by keeping the well in the desired production zone.

Koltek’s geo-steering technology adjusts to the wellbore position on the fly all while staying in the target zone and also reaches other geological targets required by its customers. The Koltek geo-steering technology is compatible with all existing PDM Motors and seemingly links to its own measurement while drilling (MWD/LWD) system.

CEO Tim Koltek states “Our geo-steering technology allows our directional drilling team to get high resolution gamma ray readings, instantly, without having to stop drilling for any reason.  This can be especially useful in more narrow formations like the San Juan Basin in New Mexico and Colorado”.

CEO Jason Harms of Total Depth Geosteering, a Koltek customer providing guidance of drilling systems, commented “High quality data is critical in geo-steering a well. We can see fast bedding changes, faults, and other geologic issues at critical times during the well. Koltek’s technology provides a surprising amount of detail, which forms a strong mental picture that we then use to make informed geo-steering decisions.”

About Koltek

About Koltek

Koltek Energy Services is a full-service directional drilling, well service and testing provider to oil and gas companies across the USA. For more information email info@Koltek.com

Koltek Energy Services Introduces Oilfield Testing Campus in Northeastern Oklahoma

Turn Key Directional Drilling, Permits and Well Planning Services Included

Okmulgee, OK

Koltek Energy Services, a nationwide energy services company, has launched Koltek Testing Campus at its 99 acre facility in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  This location will allow oilfield equipment manufacturers the ability to test their tools in a secure location 24 X 7 X 365.

Koltek uses a modern Gefco Speedstar 185K top drive drilling rig with a 61 foot high, 185,000 static hook loads, and hydraulically raised mast with dual raising cylinders.  The company has redundant MZ-9 mud pumps rated at 1000 HP each.  Companies can drill anything from surface wells to 5000 ft. directional wells because of Koltek’s EM MWD drilling equipment, including directional drillers on site to manage operations.  Koltek supplies all the equipment and doesn’t 3rd party vendors for the utmost in confidentiality in a gated facility managed around the clock.  Services including well planning and permits are all handled in house.

The varying lithology in Okmulgee County creates a valuable and challenging test environment for customers.  Formations include the Booch, Dutcher, Hunton, Woodford, Burgen and Tyner.

About Koltek

Koltek Energy Services is a full service directional drilling, well service and testing provider to oil and gas companies across the USA.  Koltek has offices in California, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Kansas and Texas with immediate plans to expand to New Mexico.

Newly Launched Energy Services Company Koltek Merges Terrapin Energy Services and Terrapin Well Service Into New Entity

Offers Well Service, Drilling, Directional Services and Oilfield Testing Facility

Houston, TX, Okmulgee, OK and Casper, WY

Koltek, a recently launched energy services company launched by entrepreneur Tim Koltek, has merged directional services company Terrapin Energy Services and well service company Terrapin Well Service into the new entity. Koltek founded both of the Terrapin companies and this new entity will combine drilling rigs, directional capabilities, well service and testing capabilities. The leadership team includes Jim Campbell (Drilling Optimization), Bryan Hebert (Directional), Jim McKinney (Well Service), Ian Noble (Business Development) and Randy Francis (Drilling) of the Terrapin companies. Koltek, headquartered in Mountain View, CA, will start with locations in Casper, WY, Houston, TX and Okmulgee, OK with plans to expand to Midland, Texas and Farmington, NM later this year. Directional and well services are currently available nationwide.

Tim Koltek comments “I really wanted to launch this new company to combine the many energy services our separate company’s offered under one roof. Our team is the best at what they do and by offering multiple service lines we provide discounts to our customers and single points of contact and responsibility.”

The company offers four service lines:

Drilling Rigs

Koltek can drill wells up to 10,000 feet with its two drilling rigs. Koltek has a hydraulic Gefco top drive drilling rig powered by 2 Triplex mud pumps. Koltek also has a Dugan drilling rig capable of depths of 10,000 feet.

Directional Capabilities

Koltek’s EM MWD System provides reliability, accuracy, and faster transmission rates than standard systems. Koltek’s Solid State EM Tools with no moving parts and simplicity of the design exceed 5000 hours (MTBF) and are extremely reliable.

Well Service

Koltek service rigs are late models, powered by hydraulics and capable of servicing wells to 5000 ft. This ensures easy rig up and limited down time.


Koltek has a 99 acre testing facility for oilfield companies to test their tools in complete confidence and privacy. Koltek owns the land, mineral rights, along with all the necessary equipment.

About Koltek

Koltek is a full service directional drilling, well service and testing provider to oil and gas companies across the USA. Koltek has offices in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming with plans to expand this year to Farmington, NM and Midland, TX. For more information call 650-386-6180 or go to www.Koltek.com

Drilling Rigs

Koltek has a reputation for operating safely, lowering customer risks and costs, while developing our personnel while delivering high efficiency in the field. We do this to creating High Value for customers. Our rigs are highly mobile assemblies that can move to location in approximately 10 loads reducing moving cost and down time. Since we bundle services, we can include the directional drilling services and personnel for directional and horizontal applications.

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Directional Drilling

Koltek offers expert directional drillers and proven technologies to provide the directional control needed to drill the well efficiently with the wellbore quality required to successfully run and cement casing. We do this while constantly monitoring the precision of the well placement and providing active communication with our customer to optimize production and maximize recovery. We relentlessly focus on offering new technologies and pass on these innovations to our customers while using our customers feedback to refine the new technology to further improve the products we offer. Our team has extensive EM MWD, Mud Pulse, MWD, LWD, Geo-Steering, and directional drilling experience in many regions of the United States.

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Well Service

Koltek provides outstanding customer support, operational excellence, and industry knowledge to ensure reliable and consistent performance. We are committed to excellence in our operations through continuous improvement, development and empowerment of our personnel. All our rigs are newer, technologically advanced, hydraulic powered models capable of servicing wells to 5000+ ft. This ensures easy, efficient rig up and limited down time. Koltek employs operators with over 30+years experience.

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Testing Facility

Koltek Testing Facility is a 99 acre facility in Okmulgee, OK. We offer flexible terms and a broad range of capabilities to customize and adapt to our customers project. We also take our customers confidentiality very seriously and will work closely to ensure the proper documentation is in place. We own the land, all vertical and horizontal mineral rights, drilling rigs, pulling units, and all directional equipment so we can put together a package to adapt to your needs. We also have Engineers available to assist in well design, project optimization, and design support (if required).

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